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at various poker websites abound on the Internet today. Once you've decided you want to take part in the growing online poker craze, how do you then decide which poker rooms you will frequent? Go ahead and test-drive several sites. Check out our valuable, objective reviews of poker rooms. Try out as many as possible to see which ones appeal to you most. After all, how will you make the right choice if you haven't adequately explored your options?

As you begin, you will want to obtain the most experience possible for the least amount of money. Experience is the key to your future success. Play, play, play! Here are some things to look at when deciding what poker rooms will give you the most bang for your buck:


A Freeroll tournament is a scheduled tournament (with no buy-in) that offers a reward of some sort to the tournament winners. The reward can be cash, a seat to a larger stakes tournament, bonus points, or other various benefits. Some poker rooms have no freerolls, while others have two or three a day. Play in as many freerolls as possible in as many poker rooms as you can. Freerolls give you big tournament experience and you can't beat the price. Hunt them down and play in them.

Low buy-in

Look for sites that offer games with low buy-ins. Since a lot of experience with minimal cost is what you need, low limit tournaments and sit-and-go games will be a perfect fit. No two poker rooms are the same, so shop around. Use our poker reviews to find a deal and get playing!

Rewards benefits

Poker rooms want to give you incentive to play at their site. Some offer bonus money for deposits. For example, you might find a site that offers a 25% match on any deposit made. Another poker room might offer a 50% match. You will also find sites that provide frequent player or bonus points for each game you play. These points can be used as a buy-in to designated tournaments. But wait – no need to spend hours doing research – our poker reviews will show you the poker rooms that offer the best benefits.

Satellites for big tournaments

Before too long, you'll want to start playing satellite tournaments to higher stakes games. Some poker rooms have a large number of satellite games. Be aware of the number and quality of satellite tournaments that each site offers. Do the poker rooms you play in offer satellites tournaments the World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour? They should.

Play in the poker rooms that benefit you the most and build your experience. The faster you sharpen your game, the faster you will become the next Chris Moneymaker.

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