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World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the Olympics of the gaming world. It is the ultimate tournament and each year it churns out champions who become legends. Winning a WSOP bracelet is a prestigious honor. As time goes on, more and more online players are finding success at the World Series of Poker.

The most coveted win at the World Series of Poker is the main event. The main event is a $10,000 buy-in no-limit Texas Hold'em tournament. The winner of the main event gets the largest prize of the series and, in addition, their picture is placed on the Gallery of Champions at Binion's Horseshoe. Every player dreams of being depicted in the gallery of champions.

The first World Series of Poker was held in 1970 at Binion's Horseshoe in Las Vegas. There were only seven entrants and the winner, Johnny Moss, would go on to win eight more WSOP titles and three main event titles. This was just the beginning for the World Series of Poker.

The WSOP has grown exponentially since 1970. From seven entrants in 1970 to 4,780 overall entrants in 2000, it is safe to say that the World Series of Poker has exploded. In 2004 there were 13,000 entrants in the main event alone. Much of this growth is due to the amount of visibility the world of poker has been given. With the World Poker Tour being televised on the Travel Channel and various poker events being aired on ESPN and even NBC, poker is quickly making its way into mainstream America.

In addition to great visibility, poker has seen a new trend: online play. The boom of online card rooms and convenience of online play have paved the way for a new breed of player. This player might not be too experienced at a live poker table, but this seems to be irrelevant. Online players possess the skill and knowledge needed to win online as well as in person at a WSOP tournament event.

Online players storm the World Series of Poker

As the intensity of online play grows, so does the number of online players entering the World Series of Poker. They are playing and they are winning.

In 2003 Chris Moneymaker made history by becoming the first online qualifier to win a World Series of Poker title. He qualified by entering a $39 WSOP satellite tournament. In 2004 Greg Rayner took his $160 entry and gave a repeat victory to the online world of poker. He won $5,000,000 and became the second online qualifier to win the World Series of Poker.

Win your way to the World Series of Poker

Satellite tournaments to the WSOP are being held all over the Internet. Win your seat and make history! Maybe you can be online player number three to take home the main event title at the 2005 World Series of Poker.

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