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We investigate the credibility of Online Poker Sites, then post our findings for review. News Forum, Chat Rooms and Player help desk. Offering all our members free assistance regarding problems they may encounter at any poker site including the withholding of funds.


A poker forum for poker players offering freeroll and buy'in Tournaments.

Poker and Life's Forum

Poker and Life's Forum
Share and read poker stories, jokes and tips.

Trust A Mate

Trust A Mate Poker Forums
A great poker community based in Australia, but offering worldwide membership. Offering freeroll and league play it is a great way to interact!

Poker All-In

Poker All-In
A poker site with pro player profiles, poker strategy, and a forum to discuss poker topics.
Side-Pot.com Offering rules, tips, info, and discussion pertaining to Texas Holdem, this site also allows those who conduct their own home games to communicate with players. The great design of the site is an added bonus.
United Poker Forum
With content hosted and discussed by authors Roy Cooke and Mike Caro, this forum is an active source of info. Offers archives that are daily inexed for easy access.
Poker Forums, Card Games - Online Poker Freerolls, Poker Game Strategy, Free Poker Tournaments. The ultimate poker forums for discussion about poker strategy, playing poker online and about poker in general. Many poker articles listed including poker book reviews. $800 noble poker deposit bonus!
Women's Poker Club: This site is based on women-only play, with info relevant to seasoned pros, as well as beginners. Includes free lessons, a forum, peer mentoring, and more.
Poker In Europe: Featuring club directories, articles, and other resources, this forum is multi-lingual, offering English, French and German text. Also provides profiles of hundreds of players, giving you the most up-to-date news.
UK Poker.com: Providing users with an exceptional amount of content, this site gives you info through forums, club pages, tournament listings, and a newsletter. Portal for the UK and Ireland.
PokerChix: Providing female poker players with learning tips, discussion, and strategy, this site offers concepts that are perfect for beginners looking to make entrance into the world of competitive poker.