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Poker Glossary - B

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BABY: Small card, usually five or lower.

BACK INTO A HAND: To draw into a hand different from the one you were originally trying to make.

BACKDOOR: Also known as runner runner this is when in holdem or omaha you catch the turn and river to make your hand. For example you have Ah 5h and you get a flop Kh Jc 5c, if the turn and river are both hearts you have made a backdoor flush.

BACKER: A non-player who finances an active player.

BACK-IN: To win by default or unexpectedly.

BACKRAISE: A reraise. To make a minimum raise to avoid a larger raise.

BACK-TO-BACK: A pair on the first two cards dealt in stud (Backed Up).

BAD BEAT: When a good hand that would have been expected to win the pot is beaten by a lucky draw.

BAIT: A small bet that encourages a raise.

BANK: Where the money from purchased chips is kept.

BANK NIGHT: High-low five-card stud with two twists.

BANKER: The person responsible for selling and cashing chips.

BANKING: To remove chips from the table while still playing by cashing them in or putting them in your pocket. Most players consider this very poor etiquette and in table stakes is most often prohibited.

BANKROLL: The amount of money you have available to wager.

BARN: Full house (three of a kind plus a pair).

BARRACUDA: A tough player.

BASE DEAL: Cheating by dealing from the bottom of the deck.

BASEBALL: A stud game involving nines and threes as wild cards.

BEANS: Chips.

BEAR: A tight player.

BEAT THE BOARD (TABLE): To have a hand better than all others showing.

BEAT YOUR NEIGHBOR: A five-card game that requires each player in turn to expose his cards until his hand beats the board.

BEDSPRINGS: Similar to Cincinnati except ten cards are dealt face-up for use in everyone's hand.

BEHIND: When you don’t have the best hand before the last cards have been dealt.

BELLY BUSTER: An inside straight draw.

BELLY HIT: When a draw fills an inside straight (Gut Shot).

BELLY STRIPPERS: Cards with slightly trimmed edges that taper from a wider center to the ends (Humps).

BERRY PATCH: An extremely easy game.

BEST FLUSH: A game in which only flushes win the pot.

BET: The act of placing a wager in turn into the pot on any betting round, or the chips put into the pot.

BET INTO: To bet before a stronger hand, or a player who bet strongly on the previous round.

BET OR GET: A rule that one must either bet or fold with no checking allowed (Bet or Drop, Passout).

BET THE LIMIT: To bet the maximum amount allowed.

BET THE POT: To bet an amount equal to the pot.

BET THE RAISE: The maximum bet being twice that of the previous bet or raise.

BETTING INTERVAL: The period from the first bet to the last call in any given round.

BETTING PACE: The degree, extent, and aggressiveness of bets and raises.

BETTING RATIOS: The differences in maximum bets allowed with each round of betting.

BETTING STAKES: The dollar limits of all bets and raises permitted.

BETTY HUTTON: Seven-card stud with nines and fives wild.

BICYCLE: The lowest possible hand in lowball: - The system of two cheaters in partnership:

BID: To declare for high or low in split-pot poker.

BIG BET POKER: Another term for pot-limit and no-limit poker.

BIG BILL: A hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.

BIG BLIND: The largest regular blind in a game.

BIG BOBTAIL: A four-card straight flush.

BIG CAT: Five unpaired cards from the king to the eight.

BIG DOG: (1) Five unpaired cards from ace to nine. (2) A big underdog.

BIG FULL: The highest possible full house.

BIG ONE: A thousand dollars.

BIG PAIR: A pair with a value of 10 or greater.

BIG SLICK: In Hold’Em it’s an ace and a king as your hole cards.

BIG SQUEEZE: Six-card high-low stud with one twist.

BILL: A dollar or a hundred dollars.

BIRD DOG: One who gets players for a game.

BLACK: The color of $100 chips.

BLANK: A card that does not fit the board, for example the window is Ah Kh Th 9h and the river is a black 2 that does not fit.

BLAZE: A five-card hand containing five picture cards.

BLAZE FULL: A full house in picture cards.

BLEED: To slowly bleed money from a game or a player.

BLEEDER: A tight, winning player.

BLIND: A mandatory or forced bet before the deal by the first player to the dealer's left.

BLIND BET: A blind bet, or blind, is a forced bet that must be posted before you see any cards. Usually, blinds are put in by players immediately to the left of the button.

BLIND GAME: A game which utilizes a blind.

BLIND LOW: Five-card stud bet blind all the way to the last bet.

BLIND OPEN: An opening bet made without looking at one's cards.

BLIND RAISE: When a player raises without first looking at his or her cards.

BLIND SHUFFLE: A cheater's shuffle used to stack cards or to leave stacked cards undisturbed after shuffling (False Shuffle).

BLIND TIGER: Draw poker with a blind open and a blind raise (Open Blind and Straddle).

BLOCK SYSTEM: An ante, open, and first raise automatically done in the blind by the dealer.

BLOOD POKER: A higher-stake poker game played primarily for money rather than for social reasons.

BLOW BACK: A raise after previously calling or checking.

BLUFF: To pretend that you have a better hand than you actually do, by betting aggressively, in the hope that the other players will fold.

BLUR INTENSITY: The lightness or darkness of printing visible on partially flashed cards, indicating a high or a low card.

BOARD: (1) The board on which a waiting list is kept for players wanting seats in specific games. (2) Cards faceup on the table common to each of the hands.

BOARD CARD: A community card in the center of the table, as in hold'em or Omaha.

BOAT: Slang for full house (also known as full boat).

BOBTAIL FLUSH OR STRAIGHT: A four-card flush or a four-card, open-end straight.

BOLT: To fold.

BONE: A white chip, the lowest denomination chip.

BONUS: A fixed sum established by house rules that is paid by each player to the holder of a very high-value hand such as a straight flush (Premium, Royalty, Penalties).

BOOK: A three-card draw.

BOOST: To raise.

BORDER WORK: Markings added by cheaters to the printed borderlines of cards to identify their value.

BOTS: programs that behave like people

BOTTOM DEAL: To deal cards off the bottom of the deck when cheating.

BOTTOM PAIR: A pair with the lowest card on the flop. If you have As-6s, and the flop comes Kd-Th-6c, you have flopped bottompair.

BOTTOM PAIR: When you use the lowest card on the flop to make a pair.

BOUILLOTTE: A French card game that influenced the open-card stud variation in poker.

BOUNTY: A small amount of cash awarded to a player when he knocks out another player in some tournaments.

BOXED CARD: A card that appears faceup in the deck where all other cards are facedown.

BOY: Slang for a jack.

BRAG: The betting expression in the English game of Bragg.

BRAGG: An English three-card game that influenced the use of the full fifty-two-card deck in poker.

BRAGGERS: Jacks and nines as wild cards. Or the ace of diamonds, the jack of clubs, and the nine of diamonds as wild cards.

BRANDELN: A card game similar to Commerce.

BRASS BRAZILIANS: The top hand, also known as 'the nuts.'

BREAKERS: Openers.

BREATHE: To pass the first opportunities to bet.

BRELEN: (1) A French card game that influenced the use of straights and flushes in poker. (2) Three of a kind.

BRELEN CARRE: Four of a kind.

BRIEF: A single stripper card in a deck used to facilitate illegal cuts.

BRING IN: To bring in the betting is to make the first bet on the first round of a hand (not including blind bets and antes). A player who does this is said to "bring it in." In seven-card stud, often the lowest card on the board is forced to bring it in. The bet so placed is called the bring-in.

BROADWAY: An Ace high straight.

BROKEN GAME: A game no longer in action.

BRUSH: A card room employee responsible for managing the seating list.

BUCK: In all flop games, a small disk used to indicate the dealer, or used to signify the player in the last position if a house dealer is used; a button.

BUDDY POKER: To avoid betting against a friend or a partner.

BUFFALO: To fool opponents.

BUG: (1) The joker used in high-hand poker as an ace or as a wild card for filling straights and flushes. A wild cardin lowball. Can be used in high-low as both a high card and a low card in the same hand (Joker). (2) A device fastened beneath the poker table by a cheater to hold out a card or cards.

BULL: A player who raises frequently.

BULL MONTANA: Five-card stud with betting, then jacks required to open the final bet.

BULL OR BULLET: Slang for an ace.

BULL THE GAME: To bluff or bet aggressively.

BULLETS: Slang for a pair of aces in the hole (also known as "pocket rockets").

BUMP: To raise.

BURIED CARD: A card randomly inserted in the deck.

BURN: To discard the top card from the deck, face down. This is done between each betting round before putting out thenextcommunity card(s). It is security against any player recognizing or glimpsing the next card to be used on the board.

BURNCARD: After the initial round of cards is dealt, the first card off the deck in each round is placed under a chip in the pot, for security purposes. To do so is to burn the card; the card itself is called the burncard.

BUST: To run out of money, especially in a tournament.

BUSTED HAND: (1) A worthless hand (Bust). (2) A hand that failed to fill a straight or a flush on the draw.

BUSY CARD: Any card that completes a hand.

BUTCHER BOY: An open-hand form of poker where four of a kind is needed to win.

BUTTON: The round white object passed around the table to represent who the dealer is. This player has the best betting position and acts last after the flop. The blinds are posted to this player’s left.

BUTTON GAMES: Games in which a dealer button is used.

BUY IN: The stack of chips that a player buys at the start of a game.

BUY-IN LIMIT: The minimum amount you must bring into a 1-on-1 game.

BY ME: An expression meaning to pass or check.

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