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Poker Glossary - C

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CALIFORNIA: Draw poker, open on anything.

CALIFORNIA LOWBALL: Low- ball in which ace, two, three, four, five is the best hand.

CALL: To call is to match the current bet. If there has been a bet of $10 and a raise of $10 then it costs $20 to call.Calling is the cheapest (and the most passive) way to remain in a hand.

CALL COLD: Calling both a bet and a raise at the same time.

CALLING STATION: A weak-passive player who calls a lot, but doesn't raise or fold much. This is the kind of player you like to have in your game.

CAP: The limit used to describe the third raise in a round. Betting is then capped and players can only call or fold.

CAPPED: In limit poker, the condition in which the maximum number of raises on the betting round have been reached.

CARD ODDS: The probabilities of being dealt or drawing to various hands.

CARDING: Noting of exposed cards during a hand.

CARDROOM: The rooms in which poker is played, or the organizations who run those rooms. Most casinos that offer poker haveaseparate room, or at least a roped-off area, designated as the cardroom.

CARDS SPEAK: The face value of a hand in a showdown is the true value of the hand, regardless of a verbal announcement.

CARDSHARP: A cheater.

CARPET JOINT: An upscale card room characterized by carpet on the floor. The opposite of a sawdust joint.

CASE: The last card of a certain rank in the deck. Example: "The flop came J-8-3; I've got pocket jacks, he's got pocket8's, and then the case eight falls on the river and he beats my full house."

CASE CARD: The last available card of a particular value or suit.

CASE MONEY: Emergency money.

CASH IN: To exchange poker chips for cash and then to quit (Cash Out).

CASH OUT: To finish playing and exchange your chips for cash.

CASINO POKER: Public poker played in gambling casinos.

CAT: Any big or little tiger or cat hand.

CATBIRD SEAT: A position in high- low poker that assures a player at least half the pot.

CATCH: When the cards are treating you well, you are said to be catching cards.

CENTER POT: The first pot created during a poker hand. This is as opposed to one or more "side" pots that are created if oneor more players goes all-in. Also "main pot."

CHALK HAND: An almost certain winner.

CHASE: To stay against a better hand.

CHAT BOX: Players type, and what they “say” appears in the chat box, visible to all seated at the virtual table, and all observing that particular table.

CHATTERBOX: to talk a lot to try and distract other players. Also, a program that allows chatting online between players.

CHEATER: A player who intentionally violates the rules to gain advantage unavailable to others.

CHECK: If there has been no betting before you in a betting round, you may check, which is like calling a bet of $0, orpassing your turn.

CHECK BLIND (CHECK IN THE DARK): To check without looking at one's own cards.

CHECK COP: A paste palmed in a cheater's hand and used to steal poker chips or to hold out cards.

CHECK COPPING: To steal poker chips.

CHECK-RAISE: To check at the beginning of a betting round and then raise when a player to your left bets.

CHECKS: Poker chips.

CHICAGO: Seven- card stud in which the hand with the highest spade wins half the pot.


CHICKEN PICKEN: A game with eleven cards.

CHINK INK: A special ink used by cheaters to mark the edge of cards.

CHIP: Chips are small round discs used instead of money at the poker table.

CHIP ALONG: To bet the smallest amount possible.

CHIP DECLARATION: To use chips in declaring for high or low.

CHIP IN: To call a small bet.

CHIP RACE: The lower denomination chips in tournaments are taken out of circulation as the limits go up.

CHIPPING: Betting.

CHOICE POTS: Dealer's choice.

CHOP: When the blinds are returned to the players who posted them and then the next hand is played.

CINCH HAND: A certain winner (A Lock, an Immortal).

CINCINNATI: A ten- card game with five in each hand and five face- up for everyone's use (Lame Brains).

CINCINNATI LIZ: Like Cincinnati, except the lowest face- up card is wild.

CLAM: Slang for a dollar.

CLASS: Rank of a poker hand.

CLOSE TO THE CHEST: To play tight (Close to the Belly).

CLOSED CARD / CLOSED HAND: A player's concealed card (hand), as in draw poker.

CLOSED GAME: A game barred to newcomers or outsiders.

CLOSED POKER: Any type of poker where all cards are dealt face-down.

CLUB POKER: Poker played in public card clubs. (See Gardena, California.)

C-NOTE: Slang for a hundred dollar bill.

COFFEEHOUSE: To talk about a hand one is involved in, usually with the intent of misleading or manipulating other players.

COFFEEHOUSING: When players chat about a hand they are involved in, with the intent of misleading or manipulating other players.

COLD CALL: To call a raise with no money in the pot already. For example you are second to act and first position raises and you call. You have cold called a raise. If you are already half in and someone behind you raises this is not cold calling.

COLD DECK: (1) A deck from which poor hands are being dealt. (2) A prestacked deck.

COLD FEET: A description for a player wanting to quit the game early.

COLD HANDS: (1) Showdown hands. (2) A run of poor hands.

COLD TURKEY: A pair of kings, back to back, on the first two cards in five- card stud.

COLLECTION: A fee charged to play a poker game (taken either out of the pot or from each player).

COLLECTION DROP: A fee charged for each hand dealt.


COLLUSION: When two or more players work together in order to cheat.

COLOR CHANGE: A request to change the chips from one denomination to another.

COLOR UP: In order to reduce the number of chips one has on the table, a player will exchange his chips for one’s of a greater value.

COME: See On the Come.

COME HAND: A drawing hand (probably from the craps term).

COME IN: To call.

COME OFF: To break up a lower- value hand to draw for a higher- value hand.

COMMERCE: A three- card game with three cards in the widow.

COMMON CARD (COMMUNAL CARD): An exposed card for use in every player's hand.

COMMUNITY CARDS: Cards that are dealt to the table. All players can use these cards to complete a five-card hand.

COMPLETE HAND: A hand that is defined by all five cards - a straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, or straight flush.

COMPLETE THE BET: To increase an all-in bet or forced bet to a full bet in limit poker.

CONNECTOR: A hold'em starting hand in which the two cards are one apart in rank. Examples: KQs, 76.

CONSECUTIVE DECLARATION: A rule for declaring high- low hands in consecutive order.

CONTRACT: To declare for high or low at the conclusion of split- pot poker.

CONTRACT POKER: High- low split- pot poker with oral declarations.

COP: The act of stealing chips from the pot.

CORNER CARD: An eight-card game.

CORNER FLASH: To tear off a corner of a foreign card and to flash it as a real card in one's hand.

COSMETICS: Preparations such as ashes, waxes, abrasives, aniline pencils, and luminous inks used by cheaters for marking cards (Daub).

COUNT CARDS: The jack, king, and queen (Court Cards, Face Cards, Picture Cards).

COUNTER: (1) One chip. (2) A player who continuously counts his chips.

COUNTERFEIT: To make your hand less valuable because of board cards that duplicate it. Example: In high draw jacks-or-betterpoker, dividing openers in hopes of making a different type of hand.

COUP: A brilliant play.

COWBOYS: Slang for kings.

CRACK: To beat a hand - typically a big hand. You hear this most often used to apply to pocket aces: A set of playing-cards.

CRANK: Slang for "to deal".

CRAZY OTTO: Five- card stud with the lowest card as wild.

CRIMP (BRIDGE): To bend and hump the upper or lower section of the deck to make a false or an illegal cut. (See Debone).

CRIPPLE: As in to cripple the deck. Meaning that you have most or all of the cards that somebody would want to have withthe current board. If you have pocket kings, and the other two kings flop, you have crippled the deck.

CRISSCROSS: Same as Southern Cross except five cards are laid out with the center one wild.

CROOKED- HONEST SYSTEM (C- H SYSTEM): The system of two cheaters in partnership: In jacks-or-better draw, the cards held by the player who opens the potthat show the hand qualifies to be opened.

CROSS (THE CROSS): Like Cincinnati, except the five cards are in a cross formation with the center card and all similar cards as wild.

CROSSCARDS: A ten- hand poker solitaire game (Patience Poker).

CROSSFIRE: See Crooked-Honest System.

CROSSOVER: A combination of draw and stud poker involving wild cards.

CRYING CALL: A call by someone who is certain they will not win the pot.

CULL: To arrange or cluster good cards together for cheating.

CURFEW: The agreed-upon quitting time.

CURSE OF MEXICO: Slang for the deuce of spades.

CURSE OF SCOTLAND: Slang for the nine of diamonds.

CUSTOMER: An opponent who calls.

CUT: After the cards are shuffled but before they are dealt, usually the deck is split in the middle and the halves are reversed.

CUT THE CARDS: Putting the bottom cards of a deck on top of the deck.

CUT THE POT: Money withdrawn from pots for a purpose, such as to pay for refreshments.

CUT-CARD: Another term for the card used to shield the bottom of the deck.

CYBERCHIPS: this is your bankroll, just like in real poker and the casino, cyberchips come in various values from $1 all the way up into the $1000s.

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