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Poker Glossary - D

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DAME: Slang for a queen.

DARK BET: A blind bet.

DAUB: See Cosmetics (Golden Glow brand).

DEAD CARDS: Discarded or folded cards.

DEAD COLLECTION BLIND: A fee posted by the player having the dealer button, used in some games as an alternative method of seat rental.

DEAD HAND: A hand that is not legally playable.

DEAD MAN'S HAND: Two pair hand consisting of Aces & Eights. Reputed to be the hand that Wild Bill Hickock was holding when he was shot dead.

DEAD MONEY: Chips that are taken into the center of the pot because they are not considered part of a particular player's bet.

DEADWOOD: Dead cards.

DEAL: To distribute cards to the players.

DEAL OFF: To rotate through all play positions (to take all the blinds and the button) before changing seats or leaving the table. To deal the final hand of the game.

DEAL OUT: To omit a player from a hand.

DEAL TWICE: An agreement made after all betting has finished to decide only half the pot on the finale of the round while another round is dealt to decide the latter half.

DEALER: (1) A person who deals the cards. (2) The operator of a gambling game in a casino.

DEALER BUTTON: A flat disk that indicates the player who would be in the dealing position for that hand (if there were not a house dealer). Commonly known as "the button."

DEALER-ADVANTAGE GAME: Any game where the dealer has an advantage.

DEALER'S CHOICE: The selection by dealer of game to be played.

DEALER'S PERCENTAGE: Any game offering the dealer a significant advantage (Dealer's Game, Dealer's Advantage).
DEBONE: A card or portion of a deck that has been crimped lengthwise or crosswise.

DECEPTION: An important and accepted tool of poker.

DECK: A set of playing-cards. In these games, the deck consists of either: - Used to apply to a certain betting structure in "flop" games such as hold'em. The typical definition of a structured game is a fixed amount for bets and raises before the flop and on the flop, and then twice that amount on the turn and river.

DECLARE: To announce if going for high or low.

DEEP LOW: The lowest hand for any card (i.e., a deep seven is an ace, two, three, four, seven).

DEFENSIVE BET: A bet designed to decrease one's potential loss.

DENT: To mark cards by creasing their corners (Rounding).

DEUCE: A two.

DEUCE TO SEVEN: Usually means that the best low hand is simply the worst poker hand in a game played for low.

DEUCES: A pair of Twos.

DEUCES WILD: Playing all deuces as wild cards.

DEVIL'S BEDPOSTS: Slang for the four of clubs.

DIG: To replenish one's stake or money while playing a hand.

DISCARD: To exchange old cards for new cards during the draw or twist.

DISPROPORTIONATE BET: A peculiar bet or a bet much larger or smaller than the normal bet.

DOCTOR PEPPER: Seven-card stud with deuces, fours, and tens wild.

DOG: Shortened form of "Underdog".

DOMINATE: A starting hand that will likely beat another starting hand is said to dominate that hand.

DOMINATED HAND: A hand that will almost always lose to a better hand that people usually play. For instance, K3 is "dominated" byKQ.With the exception of strange flops (e.g. 3-3-x, K-3-x), it will always lose to KQ.

DOOR CARD: The first card dealt face up to each player in seven card stud is the door card.

DOUBLE: To raise.

DOUBLE BELLY BUSTER: A hand with two inside straight draws is a double belly buster.

DOUBLE BELLY STRAIGHT DRAW: This hand has as many outs as an open ended draw but looks like a gutshot. For example if the window is AQ8 and you have TJ you have a Double Belly draw.

DOUBLE BLUFF: A bluff made by making a bluff bet on the final round and then reraising a subsequent raise.

DOUBLE HEADER: (1) A pot not won that passes to the next deal. (2) A second game that follows an earlier one.

DOUBLE-BARRELED SHOTGUN: High-low draw with four rounds of betting after the draw as each card is turned face-up (Texas Tech).


DOUBLING UP: Betting twice as much as the previous bet.

DOWN AND DIRTY: The final hole card dealt in seven-card stud.

DOWN CARDS: Cards dealt face-down.

DOWN THE CHUTE: To take a heavy loss.

DOWN THE RIVER: Seven-card stud.

DOWN TO THE FELT: Totally out of money, broke.

DRAG (SNATCH): Money separated from a pot to signify the amount owed by a player (Light).

DRAW: The exchange of a card or cards for new ones.

DRAW OUT: To catch the winning hand with the last card or with draw cards.

DRAW POKER: One of the two basic forms of poker (the other is stud). Played as a closed five-card hand with a closed draw.

DRAWING: Remaining in the round and accepting more cards.

DRAWING DEAD: When a player is drawing to a hand that is not the best hand offered by the flop and will therefore be beaten even if the hand is made.

DRAWING HAND: A drawing hand is a hand that you expect to be on a draw.

DRAWING TO A HAND: Remaining in the round with the hope of making one's potential hand as more cards are dealt.

DRIB: An inferior player.

DRILLER: A loose player. A player who bets and raises frequently.

DRIVER'S SEAT: The player holding the best advantage.

DROP: To fold. Also, to lose a particular amount of money.

DRUM: To play tight.


DRY: To be out of money (Broke).

DTC METHOD: The technique of good poker . . . Discipline, Thought. and then Control.

DUCK: Slang for a deuce.

DUFFER: An inexperienced or poor player.

DUKE: A hand of cards.

DUTCH STRAIGHT: See Alternate Straight.

DYNAMITE: A two-card poker game.

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