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Poker Glossary - G

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GAFF: A cheater's device or technique.

GALLERY: Nonplaying spectators.

GAMBLER: A player who wagers money at unfavorable edge odds.

GAMBLER'S LAST CHARGE: A game played with five hand cards and five table cards with the last card turned up being wild when matched inone'shand.

GAMBLING: Betting money at unfavorable investment and edge odds.

GAME BEHAVIOR: Artificial behavior used in a poker game.

GAME PACE: Betting done on various hands compared to betting normally done on those hands.

GANG CHEATING: Two or more players cheating in collusion.

GAP: The missing space (card) required to fill a straight.

GARBAGE: The discards.

GARDENA RAZZ: See Razz (2).

GARDENA, CALIFORNIA: The Mecca for public club poker.

GE: A pair.

GEORGE: Slang for a poor player.

GHOST HAND: A hand that reappears on the next deal because of inadequate shuffling.

GIANT TWIST: A twist allowing the exchange of up to all of one's cards.

GILET (GILLET OR GILE): An old French card game that was the predecessor of Brelan.

GIMMICK: See Gaff.

GIRL: Slang for a queen.

GI-TILL-SATISFY: Unlimited giant twisting with progressively increasing costs for new cards.

GIVE THE OFFICE: To give a warning regarding cheating.

GLEEK: {1) Three of a kind. (2) An early English card game.


GO: To start dealing.

GO ALL IN: To bet all of one's money in table stakes.

GO ON TILT: When a player loses emotional balance during a game and plays irrationally.

GO OUT: To drop.


GOING IN: A call.

GOLDEN CHAIRS: Player with four held cards and three table cards with one's low card sometimes played as wild.

GOLDEN GLOW: A superior brand of daub. (See Cosmetics).

GOOD HAND: A winning hand.

GOOD PLAYER: A player who extracts maximum money from the game.

GOULASH JOINT: A restaurant or bar that runs a regular card game hidden in a back room.

GRAND: Slang for one thousand dollars.

GRAVY: One's winnings.

GREEK: A cardsharp (Grec).

GREEK BOTTOM: The second card from the bottom dealt by a dishonest player.

GREEK DEALER: A player who cheats when dealing. A mechanic.
GREEN: The most common color for $25 chips.

GRIFTER: A cheater.

GRINDER: An un-ambitious player who only hopes to win a little money each day. Also known as a 'leather ass.'

GUT SHOT: To draw to an inside straight.

GUTS TO OPEN: To allow any value hand to open.

GUTSHOT STRAIGHT: An straight filled "inside". If you have 9s-8s, the flop comes 7c-5h-2d, and the turn is the 6c, you've made yourgutshot straight.

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