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Poker Glossary - J

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JACK AND BACK: Jackpot poker that reverts to low-ball if no one opens (Jack and Reverse, Jacks Back, Jackson).

JACK UP: To raise.

JACKPOT: A large number of cardrooms offer sizeable jackpots for certain things, such as the high hand of the hour or ifone gets a very good hand beaten. The rules vary from cardroom to cardroom.

JACKS TO OPEN: Draw poker in which jacks or better are required to open (Jackpots).

JAM: A hand in which several players are raising each other.
JINX: A curse of bad luck.

JOG: An unevenly stacked deck used by a cheater to mark where his partner should cut the deck (Step).

JOHN, JAKE, J-BOY: Slang for a jack.

JOKER: The 53rd card added to a deck (See Bug).

JOKER POKER: Poker played with the joker as wild.

JONAH: An unlucky player

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