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Poker Glossary - M

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MAIN POT: The only pot an all-in player is eligible to win. The main pot consists of the all-in player's bet plus all player'scalls of that bet. Additional bets, placed in a side pot, are contested among the remaining players.

MAKE: To (non-specifically) make a hand means to get a decent hand that has a shot at winning the pot.

MANIAC: A player who bets, raises, bluffs and is usually not a good player. They are a tough player to play sometimes because you never know what they have.

MECHANIC: A cheater who manipulates the cards to his benefit when dealing.

MECHANIC'S GRIP: The way a cheater holds the deck to facilitate his manipulations.

MEET: Same as call.

MIDDLE PAIR: If you pair one of your pocket cards to the second highest card on the flop, you have middle pair.

MISCALL: An incorrect verbal declaration of the ranking of a hand.

MISDEAL: A mistake on the dealing of a hand which causes the cards to be reshuffled and a new hand to be dealt.

MISSED BLIND: A required bet that is not posted when it is your turn to do so.

MITT JOINT: A club where the house cheats the players, or one that turns a blind eye to cheating in general.

MONSTER: A very strong hand.

MUCK: The pile of folded and burned cards in front of the dealer. Also used as a verb for throwing your cards away.

MUST-MOVE: A situation where the players of a side game must move into the original game as openings occur in order to protect the main game.

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