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Poker Glossary - O

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ODDS: Probabilities in making or not making a particular hand.

OFFSUIT: Two different suits, used to describe the first two cards.

OMAHA: A flop game similar to Hold 'Em, but each player is dealt four cards instead of two, and a hand must be made using exactly two pocket cards, plus three from the table.

ON THE FINGER: Money given on credit.

ON TILT: An unbalanced emotional state that results in erratic play and the loss of money.

ONE-GAP: A holdem starting hand in which the two cards are two apart in rank such as KJ 24.

OPEN: To make the first bet in a round.

OPEN-ENDED STRAIGHT DRAW: A straight draw with four consecutive cards that can be completed on either end. An example is 6/7/8/9, since afiveor a 10 will make a straight.

OPENER BUTTON: A button used to indicate who opened a particular pot in a draw game.

OPENERS: In jacks-or-better draw, the cards held by the player who opens the pot that show the hand qualifies to be opened. Example: - To make your hand less valuable because of board cards that duplicate it.

OPTION: If no one raises the big blind, then the player in that position has the option to raise when their turn comes around. The dealer will typically say something like "your option," to remind them.

OUT: Live cards remaining in the deck that will improve one's hand. Normally heard in the plural. Example: "Any spadewillmake my flush, so I have nine outs."

OUTRUN: To beat. Example: - To beat a hand - typically a big hand. You hear this most often used to apply to pocket aces.

OUTS: Cards that will make the hand that the player is drawing to.

OVER BUTTON: A type of button that indicates you are willing to play at higher limits. Any time everyone left in the hand hasan over button, the limits go up.

OVERBLIND: Also called oversize blind. A blind used in some pots that is bigger than the regular big blind, and usually increases the stakes proportionally.

OVERCALL: To call a bet after one or more others players have already called.

OVERCARD: A card higher than any card on the board. For instance, if you have AQ and the flop comes J-7-3, you don't haveapair, but you have two overcards.

OVERPAIR: A pocket pair higher than any card on the flop. If you have QQ and the flop comes J-8-3, you have an overpair.

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