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Poker Glossary - P

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PAINT: Slang for face card (jack, queen or king).

PAINT CARDS: The picture cards (King, Queen, Jack).

PAIR: Two cards of the same value; eg. 55.


PASSIVE: 1. Decline to bet. In a pass-and-out game, this differs from a check, because a player who passes must fold; 2. Decline to call a wager, at which point you must discard your hand and have no further interest in the pot.

PASSIVE: A style of play that is characterized by reluctance to bet and raise.

PAT: To stand pat is to maintain your original hand in a draw game.

PAY OFF : To call a bet where the bettor is representing a hand that you can't beat, but the pot is sufficiently large to justify a call anyway.

PINEAPPLE: Any of a number of variants of hold 'em in which each player gets three cards and must discard one at some point.

PLAY BEHIND: Have chips in play that are not in front of you (allowed only when waiting for chips that are already purchased). This differs from table stakes.

PLAY ON YOUR BELLY: To play straight up without cheating.

PLAY OVER: To play in a seat when the occupant is absent.

PLAY THE BOARD: Using all five community cards for your hand in hold'em.

PLAYOVER BOX: A clear plastic box used to cover and protect the chips of an absent player when someone plays over that seat.

POCKET: Your first two down cards, that only you can see. Hold'em players tend to call them pocket cards; stud players tend to call them hole cards.

POCKET CARDS: The cards dealt face down to each player. (Also known as "Hole Cards").

POCKET ROCKETS: A pair of Aces as your pocket cards (hole cards).

POSITION: The relation of a player's seat to the blinds or the button; the order of action on a betting round or deal.

POSITION BET: A bet made relying on the strength of one's position rather than on the strength of one's hand. If no one opens,aplayer on the button in Texas Hold'em is in good position to steal the pot, due to his position.

POST: To post is to put in the pot the required amount before the hand starts, such as an ante or blind.

POST NOW: A choice given to new players joining an existing game. They can either post now or wait for the big blind bet. If they decide to post now, they bet the equivalent of a big blind bet and receive cards immediately.

POT: The pot is the pile of chips that accumulates as each player ante, bet and raise. All winnings are paid from the pot. The value of the pot varies. It is dependant on the stakes involved and the amount the Players bet. The pot goes to the winner of each round.

POT LIMIT: A version of poker in which a player may bet up to the amount of money in the pot whenever it is his turn to act.

POT ODDS: A mathematical solution to whether or not a particular situation is worth a call. The ratio of the amount of moneyinthe pot to the amount of money it will cost you to call a bet. The greater the pot odds, the more likely you should be to call.

POTTING OUT: Agreeing with another player to take money out of a pot, often to buy food, cigarettes, or drinks, or to make side bets.

PRE-ACTION BUTTONS: used to speed up the game when you know what you want to do next. Once it is your turn, your action will be taken automatically.

PRE-FLOP: Before the flop, such as raising pre-flop.

PRICE: The pot odds you are getting for a draw or call.

PROP: Also known as a proposition player. This player gets paid a wage from the house to help start games and keep short handed games going. This player plays with his own money and has no unfair advantage.

PROPOSITION BETS: Side bets between players that are not related to the outcome of the hand.

PROTECT: (1) To call a raise from a blind position so as to not lose the blind money; (2) To put something on top of your cards in a live game to prevent a dealer error in mucking your cards.

PROTECTED HAND: A hand of cards that the player is physically holding, or has topped with a chip or some other object to prevent a fouled hand.

PUSH: When a new dealer replaces an existing dealer at a particular table.

PUSHING BETS: Referring to an agreement made between players in which bets may be returned to each-other if and when one of them wins a pot where all involved play through. Also called saving bets.

PUSHKA: An arrangement between two or more of the players to share part of the pots win, or more precisely, the containerinto which the shared chips are played.

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