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Poker Glossary - W

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WAGER: 1. To bet or raise; 2. The chips used for betting and raising.

WAIT FOR THE BLIND: Instead of coming in the middle of a rotation, some clubs do not let a new player be dealt in until it is his turntoput in the blind. This prevents his getting "free" hands. Some clubs allow the player to join the hand if he immediately puts up the blind.

WHEEL: The lowest hand in lowball, Ace-2-3-4-5; also known as a bicycle.

WHIPSAW: To raise before, and after, a caller who gets caught in the middle.

WHITE: White is the color for $1 chips in most casinos.


WILD CARD: Games that use a wild card are called wild card games. A wild card is a card that can serve as any other card inmaking your hand.

WINNING HAND: The hand that takes all the chips in the pot because it was the best hand in a showdown.

WSOP: World Series of Poker.

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