Party Poker Review

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Who hasn't heard of Party Poker? This site, more and more, is cementing its claim as the seminal poker website, with commercials for its educational companion site www.partypoker.net plastering the TV screens of every household in the nation.

Don't let the popularity of PartyPoker scare you, though: they've vastly increased their bandwidth to handle the ever-growing influx of traffic. If anything, the pop appeal of Party Poker should be a beacon to all hungry sharks out there, as every new fish in the pond seems to be coming here first to test out its training flippers. Party Poker boasts one of the most anticipated land-based tournaments every year: the Party Poker Million, with cash awards of...well, you can figure it out.

Lots of satellites, freerolls, and frequent player promotions consistently reward loyalty to the site. The sheer numbers at Party Poker at any given point in time practically ensures a competitive blend of play both loose and tight, conservative and aggressive, novice and pro, at both low, mid, and high stakes. And you can be sure, with the amount of money PartyPoker rakes in, if any of their competitors ever try to squeeze out this dominant behemoth, Party Poker will simply offer its players even more incentives to continue playing right where they are.

There's something to be said for sticking with the best of breed - and from our Party Poker Review, you can see how this site is at the top of its game.

World's highest traffic
24hr live support & 1-800 phone support
$100 signup bonus & $200 reload bonus

Great Promotions
Party Poker Million Tournament
Referral program
BONUS Information
  Deposit Bonus:
  Sign-up Bonus:
  Referral Bonus:
  Bonus Codes:
PRANK100 - same as party without the freeroll or cap (100% $100)
PRANK25 - same as party $25 deposit
PRANK33 - $33 free roll million dollar
Ranking Summary
Software & Graphics
Game Variety/Limits
Customer Service
Ease of Use

Overall Grade 93%

Very good sign-up bonus options:
For first deposits < $125 you get a $25 bonus
For first deposits >$125 you receive a 20% bonus up to $100
For both options, there is a re-load bonus of 15% up to $200 if you participated in 1000 raked hands in the first 30 days.
Many other loyalty bonuses for frequent re-deposits, and frequent player bonuses for high number of played hands in a specified time frame.
$100 signup with 20% match


Great promotions being offered regularly.
Win entrance into large tournaments.
Win your entrance into the Party Poker Million tournament and compete for the big prize on a cruise ship.
Many frequent player promotions and a refer-a-friend program to earn extra cash.


Software & Graphics
Upgraded servers and increased bandwidth can now handle huge traffic
Smooth action and easy to follow game play
Lacking in game stats
Good graphics, not spectacular, but well laid out and easy to read and follow

PartyPoker Lobby Party Poker Review Table


Game Variation & Limits
Average selection of games
Texas Holdem Hi and Hi-Lo, Omaha, 7 Card Stud in both Hi and Hi-Lo.
No one on one matches, draw poker, or crazy pineapple and no pot-limit version in any of the 7 card stud games.
Very good range of limits depending on your comfort level
Good selection of play money games


Largest online traffic for both ring games (10,000+ at peak hours) and tournaments (11,000-13,000 at peak times) for real money players
Never a shortage of players, which can actually make it difficult to find an open spot at peak times
Loads of new players all the time, and tons of regulars


Considerable loose action, even at mid level limits
With constant addition of new players, there are always entry level players to play against
Double sided effect - less experienced players have numerous peers, and more experienced players aren't always staring down the toughest competition increasing the likelihood of winning
There is a good mix of both


Not a top feature of this site, however, high rake can be offset by very attractive bonus structure.
10% rake on low limit games - 50 cents taken when pot reaches $5


Customer Service
Generally good, 3 support systems exist
Real money players can use live 24hr chat support or 1-800 telephone service
Live 24 hr chat support has proven very effective; 1-800 service is good, but wait times can be long and frustrating.
Play money players must use email, and this often produces excessive response times.
Feedback suggests these services have improved


Deposits & Cashouts
Deposits: VISA, Mastercard, FirePay, NETeller, Western Union, Citadel ( USA only), eChecks (by iGM-Pay), bank draft, cashier cheque, money order, and cheque.
Cashouts: NETeller, wire transfer, eChecks (by iGM-Pay), cheque.
Great selection of options with no hassle.


Ease of Use
Very user friendly
Free and easy software download.
Easy to navigate through the site to explore or find what you are looking for, and easy to follow during game play.
Player turn times have been reduced to speed up games