Poker World Review

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While Poker World appears so obviously to be the work of non-poker playing marketing whizzes, marketing whizzes often come up with innovative ideas. So while the promos and bonuses are quite different from the norm, they are at least equally as appealing, if not more. Many of their prizes have both a cash and a bonus bucks element.

Their King for a Day, Jack for a Day, a High Rollers Tables add serious incentives to spending hours on the PokerWorld tables - smart! I am a bit bewildered by their need to distinguish between Bonus Bucks, Tourney Bucks, and Poker World Points, but hey, as long as they're keeping track, pile on the points, I say. These are the same people that brought you Olympic Sports Book, and you can transfer your winnings from one site to the other if you feel like changing up your game (rather than, say, walking away with a profit).

Poker World's leader boards have accompanying cash prizes, and some of their bonuses have no redemption requirements. So when you put it that way, who really cares that the three laughing women pictured on their homepage look like they're playing 5-Card Draw, a game that PokerWorld does not offer? Not me, that's for sure.

I do, however, care very much about the poor software, graphics, traffic, and customer service. Hopefully those problems are just a consequence of their youth (launched Feb '05). Frankly, if it weren't for the dearth of poker playing ability among most of Poker World's players, I might have let this site fall by the wayside. But as it stands, I think I'll stay and do some fishing.

P.S. - PokerWorld is soliciting charities to use Poker World as a fundraising service. I told you, innovative if nothing else.

Unique bonuses, promotions including some with no redemption requirements
Shared player base with wildly successful Olympic Sports book
Table stats
Player lounge with incredibly goofy and surprisingly entertaining (if vacuous) articles
BONUS Information
  Deposit Bonus:
  Sign-up Bonus:
  Referral Bonus:
$75 cash/$50 Bonus Bucks
Ranking Summary
Software & Graphics
Game Variety/Limits
Customer Service
Ease of Use

Overall Grade 50%

50% Deposit Bonus up to $100
Tell-A-Friend/Refer-A-Buddy Bonus (yes, they call it by both names), $75 cash and $50 Bonus Bucks + an extra $100 Bonus Bucks for every 10 referrals
Weekend $250 Freerolls (1/2 cash, 1/2 Bonus Bucks) with NO REDEMPTION REQUIREMENTS + option to use Bonus Bucks portion of winnings for entry into subsequent $500 guaranteed prize pool tournament
20% reload/rakeback bonus on every new deposit of at least $20


King for a Day - each day, the player who plays the most raked hands at the King for a Day ($2/$4) table wins $125 + entry into a monthly $1000 guaranteed tournament, with $75 going to second place, and $50 for third
Jack for a Day - each day, the player who plays the most raked hands at the Jack for a Day ($3/$6) table wins $150 + entry into a monthly $1000 guaranteed tournament, with $100 going to second place, and $75 to third
High Rollers Club - win the most money any given day at $10/$20 tables and above, win $500 and a seat in $5000 High Rollers Tournament
Leader board with cash prizes for the top 50 placers
Bonus Bucks, Tourney Bucks, and Poker World Points
Monthly customer appreciation tournament, $2000 guaranteed prize pool
M-F $1000 guaranteed tournament
Daily $50, (2) $100, $100 (Omaha), $200, & $500 guaranteed prize pool tournaments
No satellites for land-based tournaments


Software & Graphics
In a word - bad
It's slow
It's ugly - they paid more attention to the backgrounds (of sites in Greece) than they did the poker table, chips, and cards
It's slow
It's buggy
And, oh yeah, it's slow

PokerWorld Lobby okerWorld Table


Game Variation & Limits
Holdem, Omaha (hi & hi/lo), 7-Card Stud (hi & hi/lo)
Micro limits of $.02/$.04
Private tables
Heads-up available
Re-buy and add-on tournaments (though they neglect to forewarn you which tournaments have these re-buys and add-ons - bummer)


So low I can hardly believe it, especially being that they're affiliated with Olympic Sports Book. What gives?
Under 100 most of the time
Of course, this does mean that better players can really get to know the patterns of Poker World's cult-like following


Wow, these players are bad! Do they know what game they're playing?
I once compared the soft competition at one site to shooting fish in a barrel (cliché, I know), but at Poker World it's like shooting fish in a barrel of liquor!
I mean, really, this is ridiculous.
OK, I'll stop.


No rake at micro limits, small pots, some shorthanded tables (What? No "no flop/no drop"?)
Otherwise basically 5%, capped at $3, like everywhere else


Customer Service
Generally poor
Though they have live hosts, email, and toll-free phone assistance, their staff lacks knowledge of both poker and PokerWorld
Slow response time
Mistakes in information given


Deposits & Cashouts
Neteller, Citadel, eCheck, FirePay, check, Visa, MasterCard, Express Cash Transfer, FedEx, bank wire, $ transfer between players and to/from Olympic Sports account
Reportedly fast cashouts


Ease of Use
Buggy and slow
Lobby stats - average pot, players/flop
Points structure unnecessarily confusing
Table stats