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PokerDominator.com tracks session data (time, win/loss, etc.) from all of your poker games and tournaments. Custom charts and statistics make this a very useful tool for tracking your poker career. PokerDominator.com is dedicated to keeping this service FREE.
Poker Odds Calculator lets you instantly calculate the odds of your current hand, giving you a clear picture and recommendation of what you should do in real time, according to the calculated probabilites between you and your opponent.
QED Poker Simulator provides simulated probabilities of Texas Hold'em game outcomes based on user defined game scenarios. It handles up to 10 players and it is possible to define individual hands and Flop outcomes.

Winning Strategies Holdem ProGuide: Provides hints based on ranking and expected win probability of pre-flop cards, odds, outs to draw a better hand from the Flop to the River, and warnings. $14.95 w/unconditional refund.
The Pokalyzer: Allows you to gain statistics and exact odds of Texas Holdem up to ten players, and full information for each starting hand of heads-up compared to any other hand. $29.99 USD.
Hold'em Analyzer: Free limited demo. Simulates Texas Holdem and allows you to observe win rates and exact odds for any hand. Sorting feature lets you organize info by various criteria. $49.50 for full version, $99.50 for pro version.
World Series of Poker Deluxe Casino: Featuring many of the most popular casino, card and board game software for online usage. Supports PC, Mac, Palm OS and Pocket PCs. Books and videos also available.
Texas Calculat'em: Software observes your play and offers precise odds and advice, allowing you to have an edge over stiff competition in online Texas Holdem.
Poker Tournament Manager: This software helps you in decision-making by providing you with critical information you need during a tournament. This program adds a touch of professionalism to your game.
PokerStrategist.com: After inputting certain information into this software, the program will detemine and suggest the best play for Texas Holdem. Improve your situation for any hand with this product.
Party Inspector: Offers realtime odds for Party Poker by sitting in your task bar and waiting for you to enter play at a table. The program recognizes your cards and gives you your hand rank.
Online Poker Inspector: Available for most top-rated online poker sites, this software observes the upcards and displays stats for all betting rounds. With instant info, this program enhances your poker play by providing an extra edge.