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Your poker game online will bring several types of players to the table. You want to know the different styles of players you might run into so that you can identify them and adjust your poker game accordingly. In general, there are players you want to attack, and those you want to leave alone.

Watch out for the loose player. They are usually inexperienced and they play a lot of hands. You’ll find that the loose player always seems to be in the poker game. He will play all the way to the river with a poor hand, just hoping to catch lucky cards. Exploit this player by playing very aggressive when you have good cards. The loose player is likely to pay you for your efforts.

Aggressive loose
An aggressive loose player is a loose player on steroids. He will raise the pot with nothing and bet like crazy no matter what he holds. He loves to bluff and is probably very chatty and over-confident. Check your ego at the door when you find an aggressive-loose player at your poker game. Do not try to be the hero and call this person's bets just to expose their game. Do go at them strong when you have the cards to do so.

A tight player is the polar opposite of the aggressive player. You'll find this person folding every hand, waiting for pocket Aces. When this person is in the game, you can bet he has something strong. Tight players are easy to bluff. They will usually fold at any sign of force. If they don't fold, however, beware.

Aggressive tight
Aggressive tight players are very dangerous. The aggressive tight player will patiently fold and fold again until he gets a respectable hand. When he does play, he plays his hand like a loose player. He knows how to get the most money for his good cards. He also knows how to sit back and let the rest of the table fight it out when his cards aren't so great. If you can steal an aggressive tight player's blinds, or bluff him out of a hand consider yourself lucky. Do your best not to let this player play you.

These are just a few basic general classifications of the type of player you will find at your online poker table. When you play poker, you play the personalities of your opponents more than you are playing your cards. Get to know these styles and learn to quickly identify who's who at your poker game.

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